'BULLSEYE' AND THE FIGHT AGAINST BULLYING - Join our fight against this horrible phenomenon.

Although it seems that many celebrities feel they are NOT human, they are - as much as the rest of us. 

Jimmy Barnes also attended school in Adelaide and is very much a celebrity and has been good enough to provide the following quote for my campaign and website:

'He tried whenever he could to protect the victims of bullies when he was at school in Adelaide'.

So it does not matter who or what you are, no-one is immune to this hideous act.

My sincere thanks to Jimmy for allowing me to use his quote.


When I first started my advocacy, It was recommended that I try to obtain the interest and support of some celebrities.....IF I could rach any.  Not long after 'Bullseye' was released to the public I did send emails to about half a dozen celebrities, mainly singers and a couple of actors.  All Australian.  At this stage, I only want to focus on my own nation, although obviously I wouldn't rule out other nationalities if I was given the option.  Anyway, as I suspected I would imagine all (except one) of those emails would have reached the managing agents of the celebrities, only to be deleted sight unseen, or near enough to.  Anyway to cut a long story short I was absolutely stunned a few weeks later to receive an email from Jimmy Barnes' PA.  I have since had interest from a couple of other well known personalities and have established contact with them but am not making them known yet.

I have also been provided with some rather interesting information when it comes to the schools and this is definitely being added to my 'ammunition' to be used this year. Bullying IS such a horrible and real phenomenon and it is NOT going away, no matter how much people try to ignore it.  I have done one wonderful interview with my own local community paper and cannot thank them enough. A few weeks later I had contact with the editor of yet another community newspaper in Perth and they used the same interview in one of their issues.  

More recently I have done a 'tell-all' interview for 'Take 5' magazine which produced a big response and continues to.

Thanks to Coast FM in Adelaide I have done a couple of interviews for them and am now doing 'progress interviews' for them, all of which helps in this fight.

The attitudes of the schools, overall, leave me cold and it is something we are working hard to change.  I have contacted all Ministers for Education (all responses have been standard and nowhere near to being acceptable) and every local MP in the nation, most of which have responded very positively, but some none.  I have now even had a wonderfully reassuring and supportive letter from Mr Abbott's office - I have yet to hear from the office of the Prime Minister.  

Cyber-bullying is an enormous problem and appears to be growing but it is something we are working on.

Any and all  support is very welcome.  Please use the contact form in this site, or ring me on 0411 139 639 or email me on abccalligraphy00@hotmail.com

Thank you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Lannah Sawers-Diggins

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